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Bio Doves

 These are a  world first in biodegradable balloons. Unlike standard foil helium balloons, that can take years to decompose, Bio Doves only take between 10 - 90 days to biodegrade, making our balloons safe and environmentally friendly.
As the name suggests, these balloons are designed to give the appearance of flying Doves and, when released, produce a spectacular “bird in flight” effect. Once
inflated with helium and released, the balloons can float for more than 20 hours.


What kind of gas is used in Dove Balloons?
 Dove Balloons are designed to be used with helium gas only. Helium is safe because it is non- combustible, tasteless, odourless, and nontoxic. It can be used by anyone without any previous experience. The inflation times for each Dove Balloon is approx 20 seconds. Please be very gentle when filling these, do not over fill as they damage easily

Is it possible to release several Dove Balloons at once?
Yes! The Balloons can be inflated and tethered using the pre-attached string included with each balloon. Once the desired amount of balloons have been inflated, they can be released simultaneously by cutting the strings.

How long in advance may the Dove Balloons be inflated?
It is  not recommend that Dove Balloons stay grounded for any longer than 3 hours. The average float time for Dove Balloons is 20 hours. As unlike rubber balloons, when released, Dove Balloons ascend much slower.

What happens when the balloon falls to the ground?
The Dove Balloon will quickly start to decompose once it is on the ground, eventually breaking down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.
How safe are Dove Balloons? Dove Balloons are a biodegradable product and as such cause no harm to people or the environment. Additionally, the balloons are made from non toxic material

If a message card is attached to a Bio balloon, how large should it be?

If you would like to attach a message card to a Bio balloon, we suggest that you use earth friendly paper with dimensions no larger than 3 cm x 15 cm (1.18 in x 5.90 in) and a weight of less than 2 grams (0.07 oz).  also recommend, aside from message cards, inserting flower seeds into the balloons. We require that the dimensions of the seeds be quite small, 1 mm (0.04 in) or less. The balloons will not fly if they are too heavy, so we recommend “Babies’ Breath” flower seeds. You can also write directly onto the balloon in a permanent marker.

What are the balloons made of?

The balloons are mainly made of Polyolefin.

Polyolefin is the material that regular plastic bags are made from & you will certainly see this resemblance in the material the balloon is made from, however when Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA) are added to Polyolefin, it becomes a new material that breaks down when exposed to ultraviolet rays, heat, or physical stress until, finally, it decomposes into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.

Dimensions after inflation: 80x35cm

dove balloon